Recently,  the Ingram Police Department has issued all of our officers Tasers and each officer has been certified in their use. 
Tasers have been proven to reduce physical altercations between Officers and suspects which in turn reduces the risk of injury to both. 

Several of theses items were purchased as a result of donations from donors, citizens of the community, and supporting business's. The IPD would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude.

The Police Department maintains a fleet of Chevy Tahoe's and thanks to a recent grant we obtained a 2017 Ford Explorer. All of these vehicles are equipped with laptops, digital video cameras, and protective equipment for the officers. All officers are issued these vehicles and are allowed to take them home. This allows officers to respond to emergency situations at a moments notice. 

Lastl  all Ingram Officers will be issued "hard armor". This is in response to recent events where law enforcement officers were ambushed by subjects using high power rifles.  

The Ingram Police Department is fortunate to be able to issue department issued sidearms, patrol rifles, and shotguns to all of its officers.