As the Interim Chief of Police I can assure all citizens that members of the Ingram Police Department are committed to the true spirit of Service and Protection.

They steadfastly enforce all City Ordnances, the Laws of this State, and of the United States, without bias or prejudice while affording dignity and respect to every individual;

The members of this department provide for a safe and secure community that will enhance the quality of life for all our citizens.

These officers continually pursue community based partnerships built on the highest level of service and ethical standards possible; and they strive to maintain proactive preventive, investigative, and enforcement services as they meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In short, we realize that in today's day and age law enforcement is near impossible without the assistance of our citizens and the community. We look forward to the continued community support and assistance in making Ingram a safe, secure, and enjoyable place to live.


Interim Chief Carol Twiss

A Message from the Chief of Police